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While I aim to produce the highest quality jewelry, there is a few things we can all do to keep our jewelry in tip top shape!

Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Lasting Longer

Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry can be worn in the shower but it is not recommended to wear in a pool/hot tub that contain harsh liquid chemicals. Gold filled just like pure gold jewelry can get scratched and dirty, so to keep your jewelry looking new use a soft clean cloth and gently polish your piece.

Clay Pieces

When you are not wearing your lovely clay pieces keep them in a clean, dry place such as an earring board or jewelry box. Do not wear your earrings in water or while bathing/showering. I use waterproof sturdy glue and sterling silver posts on most of my earrings, but it is still best to keep them dry. Please look in the description of the pair you are purchasing to see what type of metal I used. 

Gold Plated

Gold-plated jewelry is a lot more fragile than gold filled or sterling silver, but with proper care it can remain in good condition for years! Gold-plated jewelry should be wiped down with a damp cotton ball after being worn. A more through cleaning should be done if you wear this jewelry in chlorine or when dealing with chemicals. It is recommended that the jewelry is taken off when chemicals are being used. Chemicals can cause discoloration and remove the protective layer that prevents greening colors. 


We recommend all earrings are sanitized before being worn. Especially if your piercing was done recently and or you have sensitive skin. To do so you can use a half a cup of pure salt to one cup of warm water or any store bought saline solution, once you have your mixture use a q-tip to clean the earring backs and then get a q-tip with water and clean off the salt water or saline solution. If the salt water isn't cleaned off it can dry and leave a white residue. After that your earrings are all clean and ready to wear!


Stretch cord should be kept out of prolonged water. Take your bracelet off before showering, swimming, or washing the dishes. The elastic cord will wear down with long exposure to water, both hot and cold. 

Keep your stretch bracelets away from harsh cleaning chemicals, extreme temperatures, lotions, perfumes, soaps, and anything that will react with the elastic. 

Wear your stretch bracelets the proper way. Do not overstretch. 

If you have a preference on what type of jewelry you wear please note that we use an assortment of materials! Please look in the description of each item to see which is being used. 

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