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my story

I have always loved creating and being crafty. When I was sixteen I decided I wanted to make my own jewelry, so I did just that. With simple hobby lobby supplies I made rings and earrings. After sharing pictures of my jewelry in 2021 friends and family reached out asking to order some. Thats how my business started. Later on I was able to finally incorporate my love of ceramics and designing and that truly made KacieMae's what it is today. I'm passionate about my small business and keeping my mission alive. I have always wanted to share my crafts and now I am lucky enough to do so.


my mission

I believe self love starts at your home.

Your home is the space in which you live in and the body that you live in. 


Material things will not make you love yourself more, but having confidence will. This is what I hope to accomplish with my brand. Having comfort and confidence in your living space is so important for self growth. My products are handmade and curated by me, with care and precision to serve people the best way I feel they can. While self love is something that needs to be constantly worked on, I hope my products help you feel your best through out that process. With love, KacieMae 

KacieMae's is an American brand that focuses on handmade, limited, timeless pieces for you and your home.  

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